Ethnik Butterfly Mask


Designed and crafted locally in Calgary from 100%  cotton materials plus inner wool filte

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Limited edition multipurpose mask

Our line of the multipurpose mask is another exciting product you will love. Designed and crafted locally in Calgary from 100% African cotton materials plus inner wool filter that serves as a filter making our masks multi-use in 8 different ways.

Inner Wool filter functionalities:


    • Soft on the skin – Wool has superior softness and proven skin benefits when worn next-to-skin


    • Breathable and moisture regulating – Wool acts as a second skin, keeping your skin comfortable


    • Reusable on a daily basis – Wool face masks can be hygienically washed and re-used

Masks can be used as

    • Face Mask
    • Bandana
    • Cravat
    • Pocket Square
    • Bikini Scarf
    • Hair Band
    • Neck Scarf
    • Head Scarf


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